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Determine your Insurance Requirements
Our professional staff will effect a full survey of all your business activities in order to determine your exact insurance needs. The study will also include the evaluation of assets and liabilities for insurance purposes.

Buyers of Insurance
We act as buyers of insurance rather than merely sellers of insurance. This creates opportunities for bulk purchase through premium volume, to ensure that adequate cover is placed with secure underwriters at the most advantageous terms and is always undertaken with the client’s long term interest as priority.

Claims Negotiators
We provide an objective and independent claims handling service, including formulating of details for negotiation with insurers or independent adjusters, with the object of obtaining prompt and fair settlement.

services3Risk Management
We provide assistance in identifying and evaluating risk, providing advice on risk management techniques and methods of self-insurance, including the maintenance of central records from which we monitor trends and anticipate difficulties in advance for action by insurers.

In designing an effective and coherent insurance program we aim to reduce the number of policies not only to achieve wider and more flexible cover but to reduce the time spent by our clients on insurance.