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Chartered Brokers takes care of all the detailed work that goes into maintaining an efficient and cost-efficient and cost-effective insurance regiment.

services2♪ We carry out detailed reexamination of cover and cost relating to the annual policies, prior to renewal each year, including investigation of alternative competitive markets, as necessary.
♪ We handle all claims on your behalf, including formulation of details for negotiation with insurers and their Independent adjusters. A detailed claims record and analysis are maintained by ourselves, copies of which will be supplied to you.
♪ We maintain an insurance register for each company showing clearly and concisely the up to date position as policies are renewed.
♪ We discuss with you at an early stage any new projects which you may be considering and advise on the insurance implications.
♪ We give advice on fire, accident and crime prevention and assist you in determining the appropriate insured values and indemnity limits.
♪ We inform you of imminent changes in relevant legislation, (e.g. any new regulations concerning compulsory third party motor insurance, and of relevant court decisions in case law) as well as keep you abreast of developments and trends in the insurance industry.

In the event of a serious problem or claim we can make available immediately one of our key executives, during or outside normal working hours.